Product As A Service (PaaS)

Your employees cycle from A to B and they should be able to do this in a fast, safe and comfortable way. With e-bikes as the engine for green mobility, we deliver transport not as a product, but as a service.  E-bikes with extras, without the extra work. At Bazz E-bikes As A Service it's all about usage.

Make your mobility sustainable through green transport. You don't need to own a vehicle in order to get to where you need to be. Bazz E-bikes As A Service combines green transport, worry-free mobility and the changed need of owning to using. With Bazz E-bikes As A Service, you can use new e-bikes including maintenance and service for a fixed weekly fee.

The advantages of Bazz E-Bikes As A Service

Carefree mobility for a fixed amount per week

Compared to a direct purchase of a Bazz E-Bike, the following five benefits are included in PaaS as standard.

On-site repair

Having bike problems?  Our mechanic will visit you on-site to carry out repairs.

As an employer, you enjoy excellent risk coverage for your company and for your employees.

Preventive maintenance

To help the e-bike function for as long as possible, we provide a preventative maintenance service to keep you from having to worry about it.

Replacement E-Bike

If the mechanic cannot repair the e-bike immediately, we will provide a replacement e-bike right away.

Personalise to your own wishes

We offer the possibility of customising your own e-bike. For example, choose your own logo or company colours to have on the bicycle.

Our offer

Delivery E-Bike

Idiot proof & extremely sturdy e-bike that is highly suitable for the meal and grocery delivery market

Medical Care E-Bike

The perfect solution for in-home care, business travel and commuting